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Buy Books Online - New and Used Bookstore, Textbooks, College, Biography, and more

Buy Books Online - New and Used Bookstore
Discount Textbooks, College, Biography, and more

AMAZON BOOKS, POWELL'S BOOKS, and Books - bargain and discount books and more!

Amazon, Powell's and are three of the premier online bookstores. Each store features a huge selection of novels, textbooks, political satire, bestsellers, religious fiction, self-help, financial advice, coffee table books, children's items and more.

On Amazon, most titles over $15 are offered at a substantial discount - 30% or more below retail. Plus Amazon is consistently rated among the highest online vendors for customer service and support. Buy from a store you trust. Buy from the leader in online shopping.

Powell's had humble storefront beginnings in 1971 in a derelict corner of northwest Portland. They have grown into one of the world's great bookstores, with seven locations in the Portland metropolitan area, and one of the book world's most successful dot-coms, serving customers worldwide. also offers a wide selection of books at discount prices and offers free shipping on many items.

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