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Details on the T-Mobile Color Sidekick 2 from Danger, Inc.

  • Dimensions: 5.1" x 2.6" x 0.9"
  • Weight: 6.2 oz.
  • 65,000 Color Transflective TFT screen viewable in bright sunlight
  • Screen Resolution: 240 X 160 pixels
  • Integrated VGA (640 x 480 pixel) camera
  • Tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Wireless Protocol: GSM, GPRS Radio.
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • Service Provider: T-Mobile.
T-Mobile Sidekick 2
T-Mobile Color SideKick II
All-purpose mobile communicator
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About the T-Mobile Color Sidekick II:

The Color Sidekick II from Danger, Inc. is designed to take mobile communication to the next level -- providing users with a compelling data and voice experience on one of the best converged devices available. The Sidekick 2 includes e-mail and text messaging capabilities, advanced web browsing on a large 240X160 TFT color screen, full cell phone functionality with speakerphone and a high quality integrated camera with built-in flash. The Color Sidekick 2 has a number of new features and design improvements over the original Sidekick that will significantly enhance the user experience and help people keep in touch with their friends and colleagues with style and ease.

New Features:

  • Intellisyncģ: Users can now synchronize their Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Calendar, contacts and to do list with their Color SideKick II.
  • Integrated, higher resolution (640X480) camera: The flash-enabled camera is a great addition to the device.
  • Photo Caller ID: A fun feature that will allow you to see a photo of who is calling you. This offers new choice in how users integrate the camera application into their experience with the product.
  • Support for vCards: The new Color SideKick II device allows you to send and receive virtual contact cards (vCards). vCards are a great way to easily save and share contact information with friends and colleagues.
  • SMS enhancements: enhancements include the ability to save up to 130 SMS messages on the device.
  • Yahoo! Messenger: The popular Yahoo! Messenger has been added as a choice for instant messaging.

More Improvements:

The Color SideKick II is approximately 25 percent thinner than the previous version and has been designed with an integrated camera for the first time. The device is easier to pocket and more comfortable when used as a traditional wireless handset.

Additional controls have been added to improve the overall device usability.

  • Dual purpose dedicated Send/End and page Up/Down buttons: Making calls and surfing the Web are easier with these additions.
  • External Volume Buttons: Previously, users had to go into the settings menu of the device to change the volume Ė these external buttons make the process easier and more intuitive.
  • An external power button: Users do not have to open this display to power-up the device.
  • User-programmable external buttons can be pre-programmed for one-click access to applications: This new feature creates quick access to applications of the userís choice, via two shoulder buttons, and it's great for snapping photos or jumping to the address book to add a contact.
  • An external directional pad can be accessed without opening the screen: This is another input mechanism that can now be accessed with the display closed, which is ideal for gaming applications.
  • Improved notifications: Ringtones and notifications are louder and clearer. Stronger vibration motor makes it more likely that a user will notice incoming calls or messages even if the device is in the case or the userís pocket. These improvements also bring the gaming experience to life.
  • Keyboard : The Color SideKick II device offers the largest and most comfortable keyboard among QWERTY-based smartphones. This remains one of the key differentiators for Dangerís hardware designs, helping make the original Sidekick and now Color SideKick II a tremendous mobile voice and data device.
  • The full size space bar and return keys make it easier for users to type without having to look at the keyboard.
  • Battery: Talk time on Color SideKick II has been increased by 33%.

(Common misspellings: tmobil, sidekik, side kick, t-mobilie, t-mobil)

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