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Buy a PDA online! Discounts, Rebates and Bargain Prices on PDAs, Handhelds and Pocket PCs.

Looking for a great deal on a PDA, Pocket PC or handheld device? offers PDAs and handhelds from the hottest brands like Palm, Casio, Sony, HP (Compaq) and Handspring. Rebates of $25, $50 and more are frequently available on the most popular personal organizers and handheld devices. PDA/Wireless phone combination units like the Handspring Treo and Toshiba 2032 include rebates of up to $200 with new service activation.

Choose from a wide selection of PDAs including the Palm Zire, the Sony Clie, and the HP iPaq line. Amazon also offers great deals on a huge assortment of handheld accessories such as Compact Flash, Smart Media, Secure Digital, Memory Stick and XD memory cards, wireless cards, modems, camera attachments, portable external keyboards, software and more.

A few of the PDAs and handhelds available from

Plus Amazon consistently earns high ratings for customer service and support. Generous return policies and responsive support personnel make your shopping experience a pleasure. Shop AMAZON.COM for all your PDA and handheld needs.


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